UGLY sweaters.


This hoiday season there has been a trend of ugly Christmas sweaters. While there have always been ugly Christmas sweater parties, this year the are WAY more popular. Stores say they have been selling like crazy and they cant keep them in stock. Even celebrities such as, Justin Bieber have been spotted sporting this trend. Its a fun way to show your Christmas spirit:)

Cee Lo  Green, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West


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Top Nail Shades For the Holidays


Christmas and New Years Eve are just are just around the corner! During this time everyone wants to look their best and one of the simplest ways to do this is by painting your nails. The most popularcolors this season are glitter ,metallic, and of course red!

Here are a few of my favorites…..

Image Metallic 4 Life by OPI


 Carnival by Essie


 Midnight Red by Chanel


Pink Hair


Lately there has been a trend of celebrities and just regular people dying their hair pink. Pink has always been my favorite color ,but I would never dye my hair a color that bright.  I just don’t have the guts to do it. It varies from just a few pieces to a whole head of pink.

Katy Perry- All of her hair is pink now, but she started out with just a few highlights.




















Nicki Minaj- She is a famous female rapper

known for her short pink bob wig.



















Carrie Underwood-  I would never have though this country diva would go for those look, but she wears it well!





















Best Eyeshadow Ever!!


My mom recently bought me 2 shades of Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour from Clinique She bought me Cashew Later and Ginger-ly( the first is a pearly tan color and the second is a bronze-y color. My eyeshadow always creases so, she thought maybe this wouldn’t. I figured it would be just like the others, but I was wrong! I wore it all day at school and when I got home it looked exactly the same as it did when i put it on that morning, so it lasted more than 8 hrs. The eyeshadow goes on as a cream ,but dries as a powder. To apply it you squeeze a small amount onto your finger or a eyeshadow applicator. You can add more/less depending on the look you want. I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Braids are BACK!


Braids are really in right now. Easy or complicated, every day style or beach style, red carpet style or twist braid, French braid or cornrow braid, even goddess braid you name it and someone will rock that style! Here are a few styles and how to do them.

Fishtail Braid

1.  Start by gathering your hair to the side and dividing it into two sections. (This is instead of three sections, like you would for a regular braid.)

2. Hold both sections in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and use your other hand to grab a small piece from the outside of one section.

3. Pull the strands over to the other half, and then take a piece from the outside of that section and braid the opposite way. Imagine that you’re doing a typical braid, except the moving pieces are tiny.

4. Keep going until you’ve just about reached the end and finish it with a clear elastic. It’s even better if it’s messy, so pull out some strands and stretch out the braid for an intentionally undone look.


Boho Braid

This is a fairly simple hairstyle. First part your hair on the side, take the front part of your hair of bangs and french braid it. When you are done secure it with a clear rubber band or bobby pins.








Side Ways French Braid

  • 1

    Gather a three-inch section of hair on one side of your head above the ear. Separate it evenly into three strands. Hold the strands apart from each other so that there is a left, middle and right strand.

  • 2

    Braid the three strands together as if you were creating a regular braid. Cross the left outside strand over the middle strand, the right outside strand over the middle strand and so on. Aim the braid up toward the crown of your head, away from your ear.

  • 3

    Once you have braided three or four turns, start to incorporate the rest of your hair with the braid. Gather a bit more loose hair into the braid each time you cross a section over the middle strand. Pace yourself so that by the time the braid is at the top of your head, you have incorporated almost all of your hair into it.

  • 4

    Work the braid down toward your opposite ear. Braid it normally once all your hair is incorporated into the plaits. When you reach the end of the braid, secure it with a small hair binder. Use bobby pins the same color as your hair to secure any loose strands throughout the braid.





It’s almost fall so, now its scarf weather:) I love scarves they make a plain t-shirt and jeans look put together and they can add a pop of color to any outfit. For this post I decided to show a few you of my favorite scarves in stores right now.

1. I like this scarf because its not too heavy and not too light. I also love the paisley print and color. It’s from American Eagle.

2. This scarf is from Abercrombie, it is pretty heavy, but it will be good for those cold winter months. I like this one because one of my favorite colors is navy and I love stripes.

3. This scarf is from Urban Outfitters. I like it because of its texture. As seen in the picture it looks really cute paired with a sweater.