Fall Beauty Trends


Not only do fashion trends change from season to season, beauty trends do too. Now that it’s almost fall the makeup, nail, and hair trends are changing to fit the season’s new  looks.


Bouncy blowouts and center parts are the popular hairsyles this fall. To achieve a bouncy blowout look, blowdry hair with a round brush, lifting it up at the roots. Personally, I don’t think center parts look flattering on many people. The only people that I’ve really seen with center parts that I thought looked really good are the Kardashians


Smokey metallic eyes. a traditional smoky eye  with a pop of gold or silver, are really in this season . Winged eyeliner and BIG lashes are also in. Another trend is bright lips in colors such as crimson and ruby.


The look for nails is elegant jewel tones or  muted earth tones and  texture. It is trendy to have a contrasting shade of polish on  your ring finger.



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  1. Smokey eyes are definitely in this fall! In order to get that accent of silver or gold I use glitter infused eyeliner. Just an idea,,, (: and the different color polish on the ring finger is such a cute idea! (:

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